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Cynthia Ryanen

Cynthia Ryanen has been a staff member of All the Arts since 2007, sharing her knowledge and love of the theater with all grade levels. Her classes skillfully intertwine existing curriculum with theater based games and exercises focusing on confidence building skills, learning to trust and productively apply one’s imagination and how to successfully work on a team.


She has taught and performed for audiences of all ages in a variety of capacities across Southern California for over 40 years. She trained with Brown and Benedeitti at UC Riverside’s Intensive Theater Program and Studied with Herbert Berghof in New York City. She is a performer, an educator and also the owner of Role Player Services, which is an actor based company working hand and hand with major corporations aiding in the process of employee selection, training, conflict resolution and developing effective communication techniques.


As a Theater Artist/Educator Cynthia brings to the classroom enthusiasm, energy, a dedication to her craft and the ability to inspire creativity.

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