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What We Do

**Currently, due to the COVID Pandemic,
many of the in-person experiences are temporarily not available.**


Each year the Foundation provides funding for lessons in visual arts, music, dance, theatre, and media arts. These lessons reach FSD kindergarten through sixth grade children and our social media followers, with innovative, curriculum-related arts lessons conducted by professional artist/educators.

“All the Arts...” brings professional artists to the children. They come with inspirational and tested lessons that have been cultivated over many classrooms to a fine-tuned and joyous experience, both for students and teachers. The students are so excited about each and every session. Even by second grade they have come to believe that they are fully capable in every branch of art, due to the artists ability to build success into every lesson. I love the cross-curricular tie-ins, such as geography with dance, history with visual art, history  with drama, and most recently, science with music.”

~ Fullerton School District Educator

Arts Learning Activities Bus (Arts LAB)

We have transformed two surplus school buses into mobile, digital arts studios. Students are guided by skilled artist/educators to make short movies about what they are learning in their classrooms. The science of technology coupled with the wonder and beauty of art awakens young minds and stimulates imaginations with remarkable success.

Children's Arts Museum and Creativity Center

Interactive displays invite children into the world of learning through the arts. These hands-on exhibits are designed to feed children's imaginations while they experience many of the world's great creations. Once their intellects have been nurtured, children will be given the opportunity to use the exhibits as motivation for their own creative projects. For now, the centers can be found on multiple FSD elementary campuses.

creative makers 

space Bus

This mobile maker space, loaded with tools and wired for electricity, was created in partnership with the Fullerton School District and Sunrise Rotary.  Students are given specific problems to solve, and solutions are limited only by their imaginations and the tools on board. Because the entire concept is based on flexibility and creativity, projects can be adapted to meet the needs of multiple abilities
and grade levels.

“This program touches every single [K-6] child in the Fullerton School District--regardless of socioeconomic status. It is the ONLY program of its kind in Southern California, in which the arts are tied to other curricular subject areas. It’s also highly cost effective.”

~ Fullerton Community Member


Every year classroom teachers are awarded grants from the Foundation so that they can add the magic of the arts to academic lessons.   The grants have funded kid-created murals, pageants, choruses, plays, puppeteer troupes, and much, much more.


Our goal is to have an instrument available for any child who wants to play music throughout our community. We have purchased a vast library of musical instruments which are available to children in need. It is our hope that no child will never be turned away from their dream of expressing themselves in the universal language of music.

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