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Art Auction XXV - November 16, 2019


Our Main Event

Once a fund the year


Each year, the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation throws one of the community's most well-known parties, which is attended by over 500 supporters - people who believe passionately in arts education. More than 150 professional artists donate hand-crafted artworks and jewelry. Attendees bid on and take home these beautiful pieces of art, and all proceeds generated help provide teacher arts grants and lessons in
“All the Arts for All the Kids."

Block Party

Family-Friendly Fun

In 2019 we introduced a new event,
the All the Arts Block Party.
Artists of all ages started with the same
6x6-inch block of wood.

The results were fantastic!

Community members lined up
early to view and purchase the blocks, which had a set price. Watch for our next 
Block Party!

We Need Your Support Today!

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