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Teacher Grants


Application Due Date: January 8, 2020    |    Grants Awarded: January 17, 2020

The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation is accepting applications for the Becky Hall Teacher Grant. Each year, the Foundation sets aside funds specifically for these grants and looks forward to making hands-on learning with the arts come to life in the classroom.


The grant process is simple; complete the application and send three copies to: Michele Rusiewski, District Office, by January 8, 2020. You are welcome to team up with other teachers at your school for a joint project.  Please limit your request to $500 per classroom and one grant per teacher so we can fund as many great projects as possible. 


Your application will be evaluated by committee, and the committee will be looking for grants that will ACTIVELY involve students in the arts – kids actually creating and doing.  They will be looking for exceptional projects and experiences which help children:

  • Learn about the arts

  • Learn about the other subjects through the arts

  • Develop creativity


Successful projects will have a unique element and visible benefits.  Upon project completion, grant recipients will be asked to submit a written evaluation with photo documentation.  The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation will use the information to publicize your work and to solicit additional funding for future teacher grants.

This is the fifteenth year that the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation has funded this Becky Hall Teacher Grant program. We have awarded nearly $200,000, and we never cease to be amazed at the incredible work teachers do.  We believe, heart and soul, that the arts experiences that you provide to students truly make a difference.

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